Al Mahmood

Imports and trades in bakery, pastry raw materials and paper, plastic & aluminum, disposables.


CONTACT PERSON:    Mr. Mamdamdouh Kamal
POSITION:                     Field Sales Manager
DIRECT.NO:                 +965 22054459
MOBILE:                        +965 66888071


CONTACT PERSON:    Mr. Mazen Aridi
POSITION:                      Group Purchasing Manager
DIRECT.NO:                  +965 22054471
MOBILE:                        +965 66888072


COMPANY LINE:          +965 22 05 44 50 – 22 05 44 66
COMPANY FAX:            +965 24 76 33 74



/Aalst Chocolates
/King Bell
/Paramount Farms
/Spo Pack
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